Fog lights replacement for a 2018 Leaf

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New member
Jun 15, 2019
Hi all,

Has anybody changed their fog lights or have some tips on how to change them?

I've been using my 2018 Leaf for about a year now and I've always hated its factory fog lights yellow colour. They're in stark contrast with the bright white on the DRL and the low/high beams. So one beautiful day I bought some bright light fog lights assuming that changing them would be a breeze 15 minutes task only to discover that physical access under the hood is horrible and would require a decent amount of disassembly. I checked the owners manual and the only thing I could find was "It's highly recommended to visit a certified Nissan dealership to your fog lights replacement".

Any help would be highly appreciated!
You do understand that blue-white light makes it harder to see in actual fog than yellow-white, right? The best color for fog lights is actually a yellow-amber. Aiming white lights low and calling them "fog lights" is just another indication that not all progress is forward...