Gen 2 fuse tap extender for hardwiring accessories

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Apr 2, 2024
Just wanting to share some discoveries that I have made with my 2019 SL Plus:

I needed to tap the 12V accessory fuse that powers the "cigarette lighter" port so I could hardwire a dash cam and radar detector. Unfortunately, there is no way to put a conventional tap in, as there are a relay and the long term storage switch in the way. The Leaf takes Mini Low Profile fuses, and I could not find and extender for that style. The regular profile Mini fuse has the same blade spacing and configuration. I got a Mini extender, carefully fit it into the slot, and was able to easily tap the fuse remotely with no problems. I zip tied the wires out of the way and there have been no issues at all.


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It sounds as though you ran your wires up the A pillar and across the headliner. This poses the risk of crossing over the air bag. If I was going to go that route, I'd put a low tension interconnect (plug) where it crosses over just in case the air bag needs to deploy.

I ran my wires to the overhead. Bit of a pita.
Yes I took a route that avoids the airbag and goes up and above the headliner so I would have no issues.