Having issues with my 2018 SV, and i dont understand leafspy.

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Jan 13, 2024
Had issues with my 2018 leaf before, and got it "repaired" as a dealership told me it was a reference module that was blown. Long story short, no matter the weather, the car will shut off while going 60-70 miles per hour, on the highway. It's happened around 8-9 times over the past few years. Here's a picture of my leafspy results. Image taken while the car was in park for around 30 minutes. Any insight will be helpful, I just wanna know if my battery is borked. Thank you!

I believe that this car still has warranty coverage and there are many threads on here that discuss the process and how to get it started. There is not enough information in this post to say how bad your battery may be. Screen shots when the car at higher and lower SOC, under extreme conditions would be helpful. Are there any codes under normal conditions or when the car shuts down on the highway?
I'm no LeafSpy expert, but there's nothing in your screenshot that's indicative of a battery issue.

I would be interested in the same screenshot at the lowest SOC that you might operate the car at.