How long 'til 4th bar drops?

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I normally don't monitor Redwood City temps but to me, it was weird it was that hot.

As a further example of our Bay Area microclimates, here were some temps at 5 pm Saturday (7/10) per local news.

Fairfield: 106 F
Concord: 103 F
Livermore: 103 F
Orinda: 101 F
Los Gatos: 96 F
Scotts Valley: 88 F
Fremont: 87 F
San Jose: 82 F
Mountain View: 82 F
Hayward: 71 F
Oakland: 69 F
San Mateo: 67 F
Santa Cruz: 65 F
San Francisco: 62 F
Pacifica: 57 F

Orinda and Oakland are only 9 miles away from each other. Pacifica and Orinda are about 30 miles apart. Orinda and SF are just under 18 miles apart.

Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz are under 7 miles apart.