LEAF ZE1 battery capacity bars (2018+)

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Aug 2, 2023
Anyone have a reliable source that explains what the battery capacity bars on the 'gen2' (ZE1, 40kWh or 62kWh) LEAF represent?

Copilot claims:
"Each health bar on the second-generation Nissan Leaf represents approximately 6.25% of the battery capacity. "
Copilot indicates that 11 bars of health = 11 x 6.25% = 68.75%. But that would mean 12 bars = 75% and the top bar would then represent not 6.25% but a massive 31.25% of the battery.

So - I'm looking for a reliable source to sort this out once and for all!
Thanks :)
Can't speak to Copilot's claims but https://web.archive.org/web/2015110...clewiki.com/Battery#Battery_Capacity_Behavior was the table in the '11 Leaf service manual. It went away in the service manuals of later years for unknown reasons and I don't know if it ever came back.

That said, it seems even on gen 2 Leaf, the bars vs. Leaf Spy SOH roughly line up w/that table.
That makes sense for ZE0 (gen1) but I'm not sure about gen2.
I've seen 40kWh Leafs with very high mileage and still 12 bars in the capacity meter. Have you measured the bars with depreciation levels on your own Leaf ZE1? My suspicion is that the bar graphs are calibrated differently across the two generations, but there doesn't seem to be a good official source of information online.

I'm hoping someone on here knows more.
That makes sense for ZE0 (gen1) but I'm not sure about gen2.
That sounds true based on this post which in summary says at 78% SOH they still had 12 bars. I'm surprised that it's this low for 12 bars. In which case, what is the 4th bar loss SOH? Is it still 66%ish as most of us have been expecting?

Per that chart this car should have lost definitely one if not 2 bars!