LED Ambient Lighting added for 2018 Leaf

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Jul 8, 2018
One of the things that I felt was lacking about my 2018 Leaf, is having no interior ambient lighting. I have just installed ambient lighting in each front footwell as well as covering the centre console.

I chose the LEDs shown in the link below for ambient lighting. They are about the right brightness, spread the light wide and have a nice amber colour which matches the rest of the switch lighting colour.

I took a feed off the ECO switch in the console as this seemed the easiest way to get power activated when the lights are on. I then passed a cable to each of the front footwell areas and above the climate control switches, under the ledge below the infotainment screen, by removing the climate control switch unit.

I cannot take a good photo of it, but I am pleased with the results and you really don’t see the LEDs under the infotainment system like appears in the photo and the brightness level is just right.

If anyone is interested, I can provide more info on how this was done.