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Martin Hogbin

Feb 12, 2024
Hi everyone,

I am Martin Hogbin. I had a first gen Leaf (30kWh), which I sold, and I have now had a second gen (62 kWh) leaf for about 3 1/2 years. Generally I am very pleased with it.

I have just had a weird problem with my TPMS. I had a slow puncture, which the system revealed, as expected. I put more air in the tire, with the intention of getting the puncture fixed soon after.

The TPMS error went away but then it started showing the low pressure for another tyre as. It then went on to show two mor warnings. The really weird thing is that the system was showing the pressures in those tyres as being fine (33 - 35 psi). In one case it showed a warning for a tyre which had a higher pressure than a tyre that did not.

I then had the punture fixed and the TPMS sytem showed the correct pressures in the tyres but still showed low pressure warnings for some of them.

Any ideas?
Did the tire shop reset the TPMS code after fixing the tire? It might go away eventually, but as long as the tires are showing that no air is escaping faster than normal, you might have to wait it out. 🤨
No, the tyre people did not reset the TPMS code but the problem occured before the tyre was changed! All that had happened was that I put air into one tyre.
Other than clearing the code and watching to see if it occurs again, not much else you can do. It's possible the TPMS is having issues, low battery, interference from local farms, etc.
I'd also strongly suggest upping your normal tire pressure. Many around here(including myself) find running their tires with a higher pressure than Nissan recommends. After originally running my pressures at what Nissan suggested and my first set of Ecopias wore out after <20k miles I upped my pressures to 40-42 and I got much better wear and more miles/charge. The Leaf is a quite heavy car and upping the pressure flexes the sidewall less, resulting in better wear, at least in my case.