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Sep 3, 2018
Has anyone confirmed whether or not the Nissan Leaf OEM Charger (Model No. 296900) is covered under the 60K miles / 5 yr EV Equipment portion of the warranty? My local dealership could not figure it out and doesn't want to offer any help to find out. Unfortunately, my unit no longer works. My Leaf is a 2018 that is still under warranty. Please let me know. Thanks!

Forgot to add... The warranty doc states the following:

The Electric Vehicle (EV) System coverage includes, but is not limited to, the following items: motor, inverter unit, VCM, reduction gear, DC/DC converter, onboard charger, onboard charger connector, and trickle charge cable.

Would that be considered the "trickle charging cable" even though the unit is actually a level two charger?
Good question. I think that the dealer is taking advantage of language that was never updated properly. I think, however, that Nissan's EV Hotline would probably allow it.
Yes, the trickle charge cable language is the same in the warranty booklets for all three of my LEAFs. I would point out that language to the dealer. As LeftieBiker noted, contact the Nissan EV hotline if the dealer won't replace it under warranty.
In case this helps someone else down the road.... the dual L1/L2 EVSE that came with my 2019 died earlier this week. I first called the Nissan EV 800 # to confirm warranty coverage and they said they didn't know and I should talk to the dealer, which seemed odd. I made an appt with my local dealer, they tested to confirm it was dead and ordered a new one today for me to pick up tomorrow at no cost. I don't have any kind of extended warranty; it was covered under the standard 5-year EV component warranty without any pushback.