Nissan's Solid-state Batteries

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Sep 26, 2019
Littleton , CO

Nissan is determined to establish itself as a leader in solid-state battery technology to secure its role in the future of EVs and the entire auto industry.
Solid-state batteries have the potential to offer higher energy density, faster charging times, improved safety, and longer lifespan compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries.
The commercialization of solid-state batteries at a competitive price could have a major impact on the EV market, making EVs more practical, affordable, and appealing to consumers.
LeftieBiker said:
Toyota is also working on the solid state batteries. It makes me wonder if this is the Hydrogen Stalling Tactic in another guise...
Toyota always seems to be working on something that they think is better(fuel cell) but never seems to materialize, at least in any numbers. Now it's solid-state batteries. I just wish they'd quit dreaming of what could be and work on making EVs in the now and not the future.
We waited 2 years for our Rav4 Prime and it's a great vehicle but not many people probably want to wait 2 years. If they have a 2 year backlog I just wonder why they don't produce more instead of dreaming about what could be years down the line!
jjeff said:
I just wish they'd quit dreaming of what could be and work on making EVs in the now and not the future.

Agreed. They probably need paying attention to both but they really need to concentrate on feedback from owners. For the North American Leaf, they need to replace the Chademo DCFC which may be Japanese standard but this isn't Japan. There are a few other, mostly small, changes that could solve problems such as battery temperature control. Fixing problems is certainly better than building for the eccentric luxury market.