No voltage between prox pin and ground

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Mar 11, 2024
Someone please help me in the right direction.

I can’t get the car to charge on either port.

i purchased the car with a burnt up OBC
And naught a used one and installed.

I can’t get it to charge or beep like it knows the charger is hooked up.

I watched some videos and used a multimeter to check OBC
While doing so I found there is no voltage to the prox pin.

I have replaced tge 12 volt battery

Can someone help me please
Is it getting 12V at its connector? There should be always-on 12V as well as switched 12V. It could be that the faulty OBC blew a fuse. Or the charging relay may be damaged.
Looks like pins 11 and 12 should have always-on 12 V with respect to chassis, and 13 should have power when the power switch is on? The latter doesn't make much sense. Looks like 22 is chassis/ground. Pins 9 and 10 should go to the J1772 AC input pins, the schematic doesn't say which way around. These numbers don't seem to line up with what I find; see below.

With respect to the relay. I was thinking of the iMiEV. Though this chapter of the 2012 service manual does mention a Normal Charge Relay, so I'm confused about that.


This connector diagram doesn't seem to line up with the OBC I have:

Check your fuses. If unsure of their locations, obtain and read your service manuals: