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Jan 23, 2018
I have a 2015 SV and have had intermittent problems with charging (I only use 120V charger) where it will stop charging and flash the 3 charging lights constantly and beep. I can generally restart the charging by removing the plug and plugging it back in. So I just acquired a OBD II and Leafspy which is showing a DTC of "B29A0 08 CHARGER N/CHG Port Engage Err VC-95". I've spent hours trying to figure out what this means to no avail. Can anyone help or am I destined for a visit to the dealer (a bit of a pain as I live on an island)? Note that I've also noticed (via my voltmeter) that the 12V battery seems to be draining from some parasitic drain on it. I've started hooking up a trickle charger and I haven't noticed the charging problem again. Thanks in advance!
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1st thing I'd look at is the pins in the charging port. If possible I'd try charging on another EVSE, to see if it is in the EVSE.
After that it becomes more technical, but look at the wires from the charge port to the Inverter/charger module.
Thanks for your reply. I've inspected the charging port as best I can but don't see anything wrong. It generally charges okay but every once in a while it exhibits the behaviour I mentioned ... and it does SEEM to correlate to the 12V battery having a low voltage. I'll have to verify that the next time it happens.