Ordered a Tesla Model Y last night

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Nov 3, 2015
Bradenton, Florida, US
Some of you might have seen my posting that I negotiated a 2023 SV Plus and trade my 2020 SL Plus. After tax credit the trade will cost me $623 total

Well yesterday I test drove a Tesla Model Y. I was very impressed. I had a deposit on the original Model 3 when it came out but after test driving it I decided I was "too big" for the car. The Model Y fits me perfectly. It was very comfortable, roomy, and FAST!

So after I used the internet to buy my almost weekly Amazon stuff I went over to the Tesla web site and just as easily I ordered a Tesla Model Y with a $250 order fee on Apple Pay. Tesla whould qualify for tax credit next year. Delivery is expected Dec-April. I will not accept it in December but delay it to January if it comes in early

Now my dilemma is which car do i replace with the Model Y, my 2023 Leaf SV Plus or my low mileage Lexus RC450h?

To make things more confusing I detailed the interior of my 2020 SL Plus today. It is perfect and beautiful. Now I am wondering do I just keep it and not get the 2023 SV?

The only down side of the SV is the cloth seats with my 2 dogs. The SL Plus seats cleaned up perfectly. The dog hair vacuumed up easily off he seats. The dog slobber was gone on the seats with a damp cloth followed by a buffing with a dry towel How will the cloth seat in a SV do with my 2 dogs?

So with the 300+ mile range and extensive supercharger network I am not concerned about not owning a ICE vehicle for a backup to the EV. I also have a 2020 Ford F-350 which is used primarily to tow our 5th wheel. In a a pinch if both EVs are out of charge and the electric grid is down I could use the F-350

The Leaf is the prefect car for for local trips less than 180 mile round trip. The Tesla will be used to commute the 125 miles to our weekend cabin more comfortably that our Leaf, which is a bit cramped with full truck, 2 dogs and a parrot in the back seat and wife an I up front.

So my question to the group is:
which 2 cars would you recommend that i keep.

Option 1:
Tesla Model Y
2023 SV Plus with 0 miles

Option 2:
Tesla Model Y
2020 SL Plus with 16,000 miles

Option 3:
Tesla Model Y
2015 Lexus RX450h Hybrid with 25,000 miles.
My vote is Option 2. You know what you have with the 2020 SL+. There may be subtle changes for 2023 that you may not like (besides the cloth seats). I would say Option 3 if you did not have the F350. The best answer is whichever option your wife prefers!
Hi! Is it possible to buy a Tesla online? But I`m thinking of buying a used one, too. Please recommend me the sites
Aria97 said:
Hi! Is it possible to buy a Tesla online? But I`m thinking of buying a used one, too. Please recommend me the sites

Yes, the only way to buy I think is online.

Go to Tesla.com and register for a test drive from local store. Here’s link to schedule test drive https://www.tesla.com/drive

To order one, select the model and then click order now. Here’s the Model 3 order page. https://www.tesla.com/model3

Here’s the link to their used listings. https://www.tesla.com/inventory/used/m3
You can get good leather or leather-like seat covers for the dog issues. With that in mind, I'd sell the Lexus. Why drive a hybrid with EVs if you don't take 500 mile trips?

The smoke has cleared. I ended up with a 2023 Tesla Model Y and kept the 2015 Lexus RX340h.

Here’s the sequence

10/24 I traded my 2020 SL Plus in on a 2023 SV Plus for my car and $7,000 out of pocket After factoring tax rebate I made a few dollars.
12/7th I sold the 2023 Leaf back to the dealership for $33,000, about $7,000 less than I paid for it. After tax credit I came out about $500 ahead
12/15 I picked up a Gray 2023 Tesla Model Y with 20” black wheels for $69,715 out the door. Soihad to add $36,715 to the $33k leaf check.

After 7 years and 5 Nissan Leafs I am no longer a Nissan EV owner. We were without an EV for 8 days and it felt weird. having to go to a gas station 3 times in the 8 days.

My impression of the Tesla vs the Leaf. The leafs all were excellent cars. They are easy to maneuver, get excellent economy, good reliability and excellent dealership service.

The Tesla is chock full of technology, much more comfortable seats more solid and heavier handling and much more interior storage and passenger room and comfort. Having about 50% more range over the Leaf Plus, gobs of power almost makes it worth 2x a leaf price. Cost of ownership after a few years will be interesting to quantify. I will be using the previous EVSEs at my home and cabin to charge the Tesla with the J1772 to Tesla adaptor Tesla provides as standard. Tesla no longer provides a EVSE anymore with their cars but they sell them for $230 for the Mobile charger or $400 for hard wired wall charger. My Nissan EVSEs provide 7 kW 30 amps to the Tesla,.

With Tesla you primarily use your smart phone as a key or the very thin credit card devices they provide.

With Tesla you can use their app to control charge limit to the car remotely. The app has a cool feature to accurately quantify electric cost from the published raste that your utility charges. Like I said some cool features.

Tesla is offering a $3,750 price reduction for model S and Ys delivered in December because people were delaying deliveries holding out for possible tax rebates after 1/1/23.