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Jan 16, 2015

My plan is to connect two battery blocks of 54V each (5kWh+5Kwh) in series so that I get aprox 110V DC, after which I need a DC DC booster for the main battery on the Nissan Leaf, that is 370-395V. I have already made a 96S battery and connect it directly to the Leaf's main battery, but it is very difficult to control the 96S battery, especially if it is made from recycled batteries. I need a circuit diagram for a DC DC booster of approx. 3Kw power, because the battery would charge the main battery only when driving car as a range extender.

In the link below you can see my integration of the 96S on the main battery of a Nissan Leaf.

If anyone knows where to buy such a DC DC booster or how to make a DC DC up I will be very grateful.