Retrofit of OEM LED Headlights

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That's one way to do it, or a small screwdriver on the tab, couldn't find my picks... Might stab yourself in the process tho lol

The Auxito LED headlight bulbs aren't noisy BUT I also installed LED turn signal bulbs with internal resistors, front & rear, you can hear those hummin :( They work perfect in the day but hyperflash when you turn the lights on, have tried 2 different brands grrrrrr That is coming from the front turn signal bulbs. Maybe need to figure a way to get into the body control module or whatever controls the turn signals and cancel the bulb out feature or maybe wire up a Y splitter in the front and plug an incandescent bulb in there. Defeats the purpose of lower power LED but the LED bulbs are hella bright and crisp flash which is what I like :)
I ended up getting the AUTOONE H13/9008 LED Headlight Bulbs 24000LM 6000K. Plug n Play like the Auxito.

Definitely not 24000lm. In terms of fan noise, when standing up next to the headlights I hear no noise at all. Might need to get my hand on a stethoscope :)

To my eyes, the color does seem to be ~6k. Much brighter than halogen but not over powered at all. The low beams are low enough not to disturb incoming cars and the high beams are quite good. On my car, low beams are used for DRL and turning on the high beams leaves the low beam on. Low & high together gets quite bright.

I imported my car from the US to Canada and passed the Federal inspection with those LEDs. Did the technician do all tests properly? Hopefully! :D

To limit stress on the H13 low beams, I might add the OEM fog lights' w/ LED and use those in the future for DRL.

I really wanted LEDs with 5K color but couldn't find any.
Glad the AUTOONE bulbs worked out for you and you're mostly liking them! The Auxito I have are about a 5500k color temp they say 6k color temp, I actually prefer 6500k color temp, re-aimed the lights not to blind others, good to go for now till I find some suitable OEM LED housings