T/M Vehicle System Malfunction Visit dealer.

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Sep 27, 2021
Hi all! Ive had my 2017 nissan leaf for some years now, no big worries until now. Once my PS light was turned on and a new 12V solved that.

Anyhow, I got the dreaded "T/M Vehicle System Malfunction Visit dealer." and "When Parked Apply Parking Brake".

My car wont leave P or N. So naturally I googled it and everybody said 12V battery (including the nissan dealer I phoned). So I took it out, charged it. Still problems. Took it out again and took it to the mechanic in town that tested it, passed.

So I bought a new OBD that works with leaf spy and read out the codes but they are not making me any more clever.

Also there is this high frequency noice from the "engine", it comes and goes.

Anybody got any ideas for me before I have it towed to nissan?
Load test performed by a mechanic. The battery is only 4 months old.

I gave up on finding the solution by myself after Ive concluded that the 12V was not to blame and had it towed to Nissan.