Telematics Should I Disable It?

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Oct 30, 2017
Does the EV connect and telematics unit do anything any more?

Should I just pull the telematics fuse, and by the way which one is it?
If it's a Gen1 Leaf, your best bet is to disable it (pull fuse #34)...because Nissan does not offer an upgrade for the 3G modem (and 3G has been shut down in the US). However, there is an alternative: you can install an OVMS module. Here's a link to a thread on that ( You can post any questions related to OVMS there.
How about on a ZE1 40kW LEAF? Can I just pull the telematics fuse if I don't want this transmitting data? Which fuse is it and are there any side-effects besides the telematics not working? (other infotainment issues, annoying warnings, etc). I know it still works, I just don't want it to work for privacy and security reasons.
The only side effect I know of is that the car will record a DTC for the telematics failure. It won't affect daily use.