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Feb 22, 2024
Hello all. I’m located in south florida and have a 2017 Leaf S with 7 bars and 57,000 miles. I was approved under battery warranty in January 2023. Yes almost 14 months ago. I’ve been in a pickle since, having to purchase an older ICE vehicle because my leaf has degraded so badly. I’ve asked for a loaner or rental reimbursement but was refused 4 times. I was offered a buy back but was not approved because I’m upside down on my loan. Nissan has lied to me on MANY occasions including “we cannot replace/repair your battery”, “you MUST pay difference to buy back your car” etc, etc, etc. I have contacted my florida attorney general who promptly replied she is appalled at my treatment but nothing has been done. Any suggestions for help is appreciated? BTW, I still really like my leaf despite the company. Sorry for the long posting but I’m pretty frustrated.
HI, welcome to the forum. This is mainly a forum for discussion of technical issues and quirks of Leafs to help us enjoy or repair problems. There are plenty of threads dealing with battery issues and warranties so starting a new one might not get much attention. I don't think anyone here has any magic to solve warranty issues.

Is your Leaf still usable, how many usable miles per charge? Are you interested in diagnosing the state of the battery?