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Feb 19, 2024
Ran Leaf Spy today. Trying to decide… is it worth $1400. I only need 40-50 mile range. Hasn’t been charged in several mos. I did top off the 12v a week ago. Gonna try 120v charger Friday. Please see attached screenshots.


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I don't know where you are, but I'd be tempted as well. I would likely dissemble and use the battery for solar, keep the rest for parts. That is if when charged it doesn't do what you need. Of course, it helps I have storage room for something like that. Hard to see loosing on that deal. Has to have more than $1400 in parts.
It matters a lot what your commute is like.

Assume this had a 73 mile EPA rated range when New.
At 65% health that degrades to about 47 mile EPA rated range.

If your drive is 55 mph or less, in temperate climate, no need for heat, no need for ac, on flat ground, no wind, then you might see that 47 mile range.

But if you have to use heat or AC, or go over 55 mph, or have hills, etc, there's a good chance you'll be stranded.

And don't forget, it's going to keep degrading more as time goes by. So maybe it's 47 today, and 41 next year, or worse.

Might be better off buying two of them, and park one on either end of the commute. Then charge them each day and swap out when get to the other end.

Oops, also almost forgot to mention, that at 248 mV difference, that could be bad. Very bad. Would need to do a bit more testing to see if that actually is much worse under load. This number would be better if was more like 50 mV or less. As opposed to almost 5 times that difference.

If a customer asked me for my opinion on this, I'd say move on. There are healthier, less risky options.
Per the above, be HONEST and CONSERVATIVE on your needs: Probably better that you only now/ever need ~25 miles total (or are *SURE* you can charge at your one-way point), ...else consider passing. As one of the few that the above fits me perfectly, my aged 2012 is a perfect choice - relying on another of the "family fleet" for longer runs.

As previously well-stated by another; the LEAF is a well-built/designed car but only a marginal EV.