touch screen not sensing touch on all 4 corners

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Oct 29, 2016
Curious if someone knows the solution to the problem of half of my screen not sensing my touch. I went into system diagnosis menu, then calibration, but it is not sensing the two + on the right screen, so I am not able to finish the calibration. Screen seems to want to have all 6 + touched.

Thoughts appreciated

ps if you are curious on how to get into System diagnosis menu, follow these steps.
1. Start the car.
2. Set the radio to FM.
3. Press MAP 3 times, Audio Power twice, and MAP one more time. This should open the System Diagnostic Menu.
4. Tap Confirmation/Adjustment.
5. Tap Display Diagnosis.
6. Tap Touch Panel.
7. Tap Touch Panel Calibration.
8. Follow the onscreen instructions to recalibrate the four corners.
Found this helpful:
however, still doesn't solve the dead touch areas on the screen.

Any other thoughts?
If you're still there I'm also wondering if you ever resolved this problem. Was it a defective screen that had to be replaced? If so, at what cost?