Years of LeafSpy Battery stats for 2013 SV

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Jan 12, 2015
Franklin, TN
I didn't know where else to put this. :mrgreen: I just traded my reliable 2013 SV in for a new(ish) 2020 SL Plus last month and before giving it to the dealer, took one last snapshot of the LeafSpy logs to save years of data. It's a good way to see the battery loss over the years and yes, it has a lot of gaps because I had to transfer that log file from phone to phone over the years to keep the data, but sometimes, I lost chunks due to phone failures, but I did keep backups *usually* :lol:

Anyway, my driving style was hard and fast, no mercy, did lots of towing (put a class 1 trailer hitch on it), thousand mile trips with QC after QC session until the battery was so hot I could feel the heat radiating from the bottom of the car and the acceleration / regen. bubbles on dash would all disappear until the pack cool down from driving :lol: and also doing all of this in 100F weather, many summers in a row. I always charged the car to 100% every time, never let it sit any lower state of charge, never used the 80% charge option, you'll probably see all that in the logs. I don't have the right account here to attach this file, so I just uploaded it to a web server and put the link below. Enjoy!
Will you be driving the 2020 the same way? it will be interesting to see if it performs about the same, better, worse......
Steelcity said:
So after all those QC and 75,000 miles i see ur SOH ~%71 , what was ur range ? Also what was ur build date?

September of 2013 I believe.

Range was between 70 and 55 miles, depending on the routes I drove. My best runs sometimes hit 75 miles. I usually run it down to about 2% or 3% before charging a lot of times.
dmacarthur said:
Will you be driving the 2020 the same way? it will be interesting to see if it performs about the same, better, worse......

I kind of am now, but I am finding it difficult to put it through the same kind of abuse because of the increased range. I know that sounds terrible, but it was easy to run down my 2013 and then jet over to the QC for a refresh and continue the abuse. I always kept it at 100% charge because I needed the increased range daily. My new one sits at between 20% and 50% daily because it takes longer to charge it up than between times that I use it on the home L2 and doing a QC @ 100 kW gives me so much range, I don't bother waiting for it to get past 80% most of the time since I already have over 200 miles of range by then. I drive between 100 and 160 miles daily for work, which required my 2013 to need at least 1 QC, but my 2020 can do the entire day with me only doing a QC in the morning to get ready for the day again which never puts it at full charge or heats the battery up past 90F, so kind of odd feeling that I seem to be taking better care of it. :lol:
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your story. I am mostly surprised by your tenacity, since I'll guess that most people would pretty quickly tire of the charging routine. For now it must be nice to enjoy the extra capacity you never had before, both to reduce the on-road charging stops AND the time at each charging stop.
The Nissan HQ (for North America anyway) is right down the road from where I live and work. They have (4) 100 kW QC stations (along with 3 dozen L2 stations), free to anyone, available 24/7 so it is like having a gas station in town that gives away free gas. I have talked with staff with some technical knowledge, Nissan HQ buys power cheap and has a massive solar array setup that makes the cost of powering the QC of no concern to them since they are back selling power to the electric utility most of the time to offset the QC for everyone cost. I frequent the QC a lot because it is centrally located and has the most aggressive QC system I've ever seen around the country. I've used a lot of QC networks over the years, all around the country. This one along with an electric utility QC I used in Atlanta, GA sometimes in the past, are the only ones I've seen do 62.5 kW during a QC session on the 2013. Of course, it ramps down after a while, but it works great when you only need to charge for about 10 minutes to gain enough power to finish up the daily work.