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Oct 18, 2022
I understand OVMS doesn't officially support ze1, but some users have found ways to make it work by hooking OVMS connections into the canbus by splicing into the wiring loom ahead of the gateway.

I'm keen on integrating OVMS on my ze1 leaf myself, however not really confident in reading wiring diagrams correctly and splicing in these connections myself.

Any chance there's some sort of user friendly, less invasive way to go about this?

Perhaps a premade passthrough canbus adapter with connections for ovms?
The Gen2 Leafs are not yet supported by OVMS, and I would not recommend "splicing into" any part of the CAN bus without a thorough understanding of the work the has been done on the Gen1 Leafs. You can find links to the OVMS documentation (including Leaf specific info) in the OVMS topic/thread (https://mynissanleaf.com/viewtopic.php?t=32715).