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AAWireless tester needed

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2020 3:38 am
by borconi
Hi all.

I'm the owner of the: project, we are currently building a small plug in device which will allow wireless Android Auto connection.

I'm reaching out because I need a bit of help.

From all the cars which we tested there is on Nissan Leaf which simply does not want to work. We did tried EU version of Nissan Leaf's and those worked fine, however we do have a tester with US model and there we simply can't get it to wok. Currently we are not sure if this is a general issue with US models of Nissan Leaf or a particular / singular issue with our tester's car/board.

I'm looking for someone with a US Leaf (2nd generation) who has good technical skills and who is willing to help us troubleshoot this problem.

Your help is appreciated.