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Re: 2016 30 kWh Battery data

Thu Jul 23, 2020 1:40 pm

Call another dealer with your VIN and ask them. They should be able to tell you whether the update has been performed on your car.

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Re: 2016 30 kWh Battery data

Thu Jul 23, 2020 10:18 pm

Like Leftiebiker said the only way is if it has had the update.

But don't do what Goldbrick said...

Nissan is not Tesla... Their update system is totally manual and totally susceptible to human error. If some garage tried to apply the update in the past, before you bought it, but they did not follow the procedure correctly, the update was not uploaded to the car, but the mechanic didn't realise and ticked the box on the Nissan database to say that the job had been completed, then when the dealership enters the vin into that database it says the update is not required.

We assume the car as manufactured is eligible. So use leafspypro to check the ECU version numbers and screen grab to so show the garage (they can't do that).

Then show them the tech update paperwork which I have posted somewhere on this forum which refers to the different versions of software on which it applies.

If you are sure the software version shown is the non-updated version then insist that they ignore their database and connect to the car to apply the update.

But incidentally if you have all the bars showing on the dashboard, I expect you have indeed had the update. Post your leafspy software versions screen grab here. And we'll take a look.


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Re: 2016 30 kWh Battery data

Sat Aug 01, 2020 5:06 pm

August update. 302 GID's 66.02 AH, SOH=83.07%, Hx=59.70%, 80550 total mi. 35629 mi on new battery. 22 DCFC and 702 l2 charges on the new battery. Even though I'm driving less, the battery is still deteriorating fairly rapidly in the hot weather. I lost another 4 GID's this month despite only driving about 750 miles. It's not as bad as the old battery in hot weather but it still shows up as higher losses during hot weather. As a comparison, after 25 months, the old battery was down to 68% vs 83% for the new one. I can probably get another year out of this battery before it becomes a real problem to drive. If the battery continues to fail at this rate and my driving continues to be light, I might manage to get a new battery before I hit 100K. It seems more likely that I hit 100K at about 70% SOH and no new battery for me.
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