2016 30 kWh Battery data

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JTim said:
JTim said:
JTim said:
3rd Battery Capacity bar gone
8 July 2021
Gids 9
AHr 57.265
Hx 42.76
SOH 72.05%
L1/L2 769
QC 32

Note that my car sat at 52% for over a month while I was on vacation in a garage (it was close to 5-6% loss traction battery when I returned somewhere around 45% I remember). I feel that had an effect on the loss in the Texas heat.

I swear, after returning after a month of driving gas again, it was like re-learning the car, and remember how incredibly comfortable it is. Nicely done design, Nissan. Now about that battery...?


4th Battery Capacity bar gone
ODO 38,822
29 October 2022

Leafspy quit when my Ipad died 2021 (Ironically, that was October as well. Huh.)
Gids ??
AHr ??
Hx ??
SOH ??
L1/L2 ??
QC ??


5th Capacity Bar gone
42,788 miles
19 July 2023

Charging now every day due to capacity loss. Texas heat was 109 with heat index yesterday. Interior of car registered 120 degrees! Purchased December 10, 2015 so this Dec should be 8 years but I think I need to lose one more battery capacity bar to qualify for warranty replacement.

Despite all all, I still love how quiet the car is, how cheap it is to charge (a total of $100 or there-abouts in 2022 for EvGo quickcharging), and how practical it is for town driving. Also the near-minimal maintenance. The most I've spent is about 1000 or so dollars for all the tires replaced. I only take it in for the yearly check for the battery and do everything else at that time.

Biggest complaint: I live in an apartment with only 110 wall plug so limited to quick charging only. I usually charge to 80 percent to 85 percent, but with air conditioning that lowers SOC quickly.


NOTE: This was an error. The 5th bar did not disappear, I misread the display.

Car sold December 4, 2023, a bitter-sweet feeling. If I had a plug at my apartment I would have kept it longer and applied for battery replacement.

I've noticed the EVGo chademo quickcharters in my area are getting really popular! Often I would have to find another charger as the closet two were taken. I'm glad EVs are getting more popular, but I have also seen people charging over an hour at a charger. There is an electric van from a large retailer (Walmart, I think) that was hooked up to a CCS unit four hours. Thankfully we were able to share that charger together.

Not sure what I'm going to get next, probably a used Leaf, but I do not want to go back to gas.