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Dec 25, 2023
Hi there,
Long time looker, first time poster. We stated with a pre-order for the 2011 Leaf. It didn't come until March 2012 and it was a 2012. We leased the vehicle. At the end of the lease we purchased it and we still have it today with close to 100,000 miles on it. Drive battery was replaced at 58,000 miles under warranty. Blower motor replaced under warranty at 35,000 miles. Those are the only repairs up to now. It now is showing a bad number 1 water pump and we'll have that fixed next week. Range now is about 35 miles. This was the first of 5 new EV's that I have purchased (leased).

Our next lease was a 2012 Ford Focus Electric. Actually a nice car with a backseat that adults could not fit in. Turned it in at the end of the lease. Had a few issues and was in the shop several times. Not worth keeping.

The next lease was a 2016 Nissan Leaf. Great car no problems. Lease was up in early 2020 and there were no lease deals around so I bought it at the end of the lease in March. Car was never in shop. Sold the Leaf when I got the first Chevy Bolt.

October of 2020 leased two Chevy Bolts with the smoking Costco deal. Great cars. Never in shop. Range still holding at about 250 miles. Have extended the leases by 3 months because the dealer had to order the new replacement and they will be picked up the first week of January. Decided to get new ones rather than buy out the leases.

Big EV fans.