2014 leaf battery - heaters mandatory or optional?

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Mar 6, 2024
I am putting together battery modules from a 2014 leaf for a diy EV conversion using leaf stack and using a Resolve controller. I live in the warm desert SW of US where temps do not go down to the low temps where leaf battery heaters would come on. Looking for any reasons why it would be a bad idea not to install heaters. Not having entire battery pack from the original car i would need to buy the heaters, controller and wiring. Thank you!
I installed a 40 kWh pack (with built-in heaters) in a 2011 Leaf that had no idea what "battery heaters" were and have no problem; I simply ignored/didn't use the heater port on the (new) pack. So it doesn't seem like the pack itself cares whether it has (working) heater elements or not.