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I own a 2017 Leaf, went to the dealer today with concern about signs of degrading battery. Diagnostics showed 8 bars. They are going to do some kind of ‘rejuvenation’ process intended to extend the life some, recognizing that’s a short-term aid. They mentioned the phase-out of some batteries (not sure mine is one) and the buy-back, all of which was news to me. My preference would be to purchase a replacement battery, and a brief online search led me to you all. I’m concerned and, frankly, intimidated by what I read here, but am anxious to learn more. Thank you!
If there is a problem, and you still qualify for warranty, then of course follow through with that. If you are out of warranty, there are options, but none that are cheap. Used batteries, reconditioned batteries and new batteries. All depends on how deep your pockets are, and how much you are willing to put in to the car.