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Feb 12, 2024
I'm looking at buying my first Nissan leaf and I'm hoping to get one with a bad battery which is still under warranty. I understand that it needs to have the update for the battery controller first in order to qualify. I'm looking at a vehicle history report for a 2017 Leaf and on 6/5/18, it says

Manufacturer Service Campaign issued
  • Campaign #PC630 LEAF 30KW BATTERY NTB18-039
  • Status: Remedy Available
Locate an authorized Nissan dealer near you to obtain more information about this campaign

Does this mean the update was applied? Or just diagnosed and not necessarily fixed? The wording is ambiguous to me, so I'm hoping someone else can provide clarity. Thanks!
The best way to know is to check the Leaf with LeafSpyPro. The procedure is here: (it's for a 2018 but it's the same for a 2017). Otherwise, you might be able to tell if you have the VIN and ask Nissan directly but I don't know if they would release that information if you didn't already own the car. I'd check personally since it makes a huge difference and you don't want to get it wrong.
You say that you are hoping to get a LEAF with a bad battery which is still under warranty. Have you been reading the posts describing the long waits for the warranty batteries? Often waits where the LEAF is undrivable, parked at the service center? Have you read the posts wondering if Nissan is going to stop providing new 40 kWh batteries for warranty repairs and switch to refurbished batteries that bring battery status up to only nine bars?

I just want to caution anyone purchasing a used LEAF to be aware that dealing with a warranty battery has some risk. For me and my 2016 SL, it's been sixteen months since getting approved for a battery. Range has been dropping, so about once I month I have to find a public charger to bump up enough to finish a cross-city trip that was no problem when purchased back in 2019.