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Someone elsewhere posted a story about 2024 Leaf still having CHAdeMO.

I found the below which don't mention CCS nor CHAdeMO so I assume it remains CHAdeMO:

Prices are up slightly vs. '23 Leaf.
I just put an order in for a Model 3 RWD. $28500 + dest for a brand new Tesla. In this car market, where only 8% of new vehicles are under $30k (per CNBC article a week back).

I've owned two Leafs. Our most recent, a 2020 SV, had an unfortunate collision with a deer. Every bit of front on the car had to be replaced, at exorbitant cost, and this qualified it to be totaled. We put 15k miles on this each year we had it with literally not one shred of issue with it. It was mainly my daughter's car and she'll miss it. I also enjoyed driving it, as it was snappy as hell around town even though it wasn't the plus.

I spent a week looking for cars. I looked at used, I looked at new. I didn't even care if they were EVs but at the end of the day, in July, 2023 the used car market is such a joke there's no way I can possibly justify a late model used car. $25k for a six year old Rav4 with 43k miles? That's a no from me.

So I looked for new... Toyota has nothing in stock. Nissan has no small cars in stock, just a lot packed with overpriced Ariyas. We looked at Kia, Hyundai, even Chevy. Ultimately it was going to run me $25k for a brand new econobox (from hyundai or Kia--try more like $27k if I can find a civic) or, since getting the EV credit is difficult, leasing one to get it and being ripped off by the manufacturer as they pocket that cash anyway.

$40k list minus $2200 because they are overproducing them. Since it's under $42k my state gives me $2k at point of sale, and I get $7500 federal tax credit. I mean it's not even close to competitive with other cars; it's miles ahead at this price.

BTW I won't lie I am a little miffed that of the three dealerships I emailed (a nissan/toyota one I've bought multiple cars from (and told them this in the email), another multi-brand dealer-, and a honda dealer) only one ever got back to me--and even then barely (I think the person who did was annoyed at my very courteous but firm statement I wasn't coming in to spend time until I am told what is even available or associated timelines). I told the others I had a totaled car and was in the market. They couldn't be bothered to get back to me. Tesla, on the other hand, I signed up for two test-drives same day, and then later that night a salesman called me back with the cars.

We strongly considered a basic Y as well, but we are doing our best to chill out on the expensive vehicle purchases for once, having replaced two cars even just last summer :shock: Had we been in this predicament several months ago a Leaf may have been the replacement, but I am not able to detect inventory/lease deals that were better several months ago. Also looked into Bolts but they are made of unobtanium.
The discount on the 3 is likely due an updated 3 coming soon (look up Project Highland, I've not been following). For sure, for those who qualify for $7500 Federal tax credit + anything else whereas the Leaf is hosed on Federal tax credit, the Leaf is priced poorly.

I unfortunately no longer qualify for any Federal tax credit on a new EV/PHEV purchase due to the income cap. I also can't qualify for CA's CVRP ( due to its income cap.

Every now and then on Bolt FB groups, a few dealers pop up saying they have one/some and are selling for MSRP instead of crappy markups.
EatsShootsandLeafs said:
I just put an order in for a Model 3 RWD. $28500 + dest for a brand new Tesla.

Excellent price for a fantastic Tesla. I owned the 2018 Model 3 LR for 5 years and liked it a lot more than any other car I've owned. I sold it when values were high and because my wife wants a Model Y. I'm not eligible for the EV tax credit until 2024, so I'm waiting ...
tps said:
johnlocke said:
Ariya will be built in the US and qualify for the EV incentives.
The Ariya that's sitting in my Nissan dealer's showroom has a Japanese VIN...

And that will continue at least thru the first half of 2024 but then again, things don't always go as planned...