Atlanta dealer only allows those who purchased to charge.

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Nov 5, 2014
All the dealers I have stopped at have been very cooperative about charging. With one exception! One dealer in Atlanta only allows leafs purchased at that dealership to charge. Don't know if I should name them.

Here are some comments from plug share." onclick=";return false;

Dealer has quick charge blocked and refuses to let you charge unless you purchased from them.

Two dealer cars parked in front around 11 am today. I went in and asked if I could charge, but was told no, it is only for people who purchased from them. Seems short sighted to me, as I will be in the market for a new car in another year, and although I am moving to that area, I now have no desire to consider purchasing/leasing from them.

still being told for this dealership customers only.

Planned a trip that included a quick stop here to charge but the charger was locked a they told me only XXXXX customers could charge there.

was told by the manager the charger was for XXXX cars only.

Please note that plug share now does not show or list this Nissan dealer.

Sutherlin Nissan Mall of Georgia

Of course, if it's their station, they have the right to put whatever restrictions they want on it. But then again, the public has the right to leave negative reviews and shame them for it. I suggest starting with Google reviews and working from there.

I should point out that this wouldn't happen if it was Nissan owned. Dealerships suck.
I was under the impression Nissan had announced that all dealerships would offer free charging?

And if they don't, then it's fine, it's the dealerships right to turn us away...but it's our right not to go to that dealership for any reason in the future...
DirtDiver said:
I was under the impression Nissan had announced that all dealerships would offer free charging?
Source? Many dealers in the Bay Area have begun charging $ to DC fast charge.

I didn't understand why Chargepoint equipment was being installed on some DC FCs, until I read" onclick=";return false;. Then, later, the No Charge to Charge incentive was announced and it all began to make sense.
This is why I like plugshare - the comments are very telling and if planning a trip I read all that I can.

As to dealer refusing - this does seem very silly to me. Most folks buy from a 'local' dealer not one that is far away. If you NEED a QC it is most likely to be when away from local area (there are exceptions of course). However, I respect the right of the owner of any given station to choose how to use/allow use of it.

I agree that this is a very good example of why "independent dealers" are not always best for consumers or the manufacturer's brand. When folks argue the Tesla situation in various states, this should be cited as an example.
Slow1 said:
this is a very good example of why "independent dealers" are not always best for consumers
There was a dealership here in Oregon that would only let Nissan cars charge there. A friend of mine that has both a Leaf and a Volt stopped there to use the Level 2 in his Volt and was told he could not use it. When he complained to Nissan told him that the dealerships are independent and there is nothing that Nissan can do about this.
I would just tell them you bought it there. Unless you still have those silly lic plate frames from another dealer or their advertisement on the back they can't really tell. I remove those on every vehicle as soon as I get home.