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7-11 explicitly stating that they are continuing with Chademo. I would love to make 7-11s my road stops.
Now with the unexpected drop of rebate for the Leaf, I worry that this could accelerate Chademo support decline after this calendar year. I do believe we have a couple more years of reasonable support and even modest expansion. I did not think that Outlander might overtake Leaf sales and become the dominant Chademo car, but that does look possible later this year.
Dunno if this is the right thread, but has anyone heard of Tesla possibly developing a NACS==>CHAdeMO adapter? I own a couple of i-MiEVs with CHAdeMO and would be interested in dcfc using NACS.

BTW, I also own an old Tesla MS85 and have a CHAdeMO==>NACS adapter which in the early days saved my butt many times, especially in Canada.

If Tesla built an adapter for our Leaf Pluses to use NACS, I would move from Nissan to Tesla as our car OEM of choice out of loyalty for being helped.

My best hope is Alibaba and some entrepreneurs in Asia build and sell one.
DougWantsALeaf said:

This is the first working ccs-chademo prototype I have seen.

Thanks for posting that. The Leaf is a nice car at a reasonable price. There's a lot of incentive for the technically capable to invent a workable adapter or replacement for the Chademo.
That was very cool! Changing the CHAdeMO connector to a CCS combo connector would be a less expensive solution. Put the protocol converter in a weather-proof box and it might be a feasible change for a Leaf to have CCS FC. Just implement FC as the existing J1772 L2 will be fine unchanged.

What price would owners pay if it were commercially available? What liability concerns are there also?
DougWantsALeaf said:
I would pay $500 if it could charge at 40+ KW

For the future proofing standpoint and being able to go farther with many more charging locations available, I would be willing to pay up to $2000. If the latest battery design can maintain 80-85% SOH 15+ for years the Leaf would have quite a long future with CCS FC.

I might just be too optimistic but I think there is a credible value proposition for a company to commercially produce a Leaf product change a Leaf to CCS. Nissan knows how to implement both protocols and I think it's not that difficult for them to design this and let dealers install it.
Well if anyone knows how to get Setec or another manufacturer to build one, let me know.

I would love if QC Charge could take it on as a project.

I have to say, my experience with Chademo has been rock solid with the Leaf. Way better than my ccs experience so far.
DougWantsALeaf said:
I have to say, my experience with Chademo has been rock solid with the Leaf. Way better than my ccs experience so far.
Mine too. We really are in a Beta-max vs VCR situation in which the superior product is being pushed aside by the cheaper one. My problem with Chademo is with fast charge suppliers like Petrocan which doesn't fix their machines in a timely manner or Electrify Canada which installs one Chademo among seven CCS connectors. There are lots of corporate excuses. It is easier to take our 2 litre ICE over the mountains to Vancouver. Other than that the Leaf does most of our driving.
I do feel like this is likely the last year of chademo growth. Outside of the new installa at Nissan/Hyundai dealers, it's looking like more of the smaller site DC locations are installing Chademo.

The Leaf being extended a year will stave off decline a bit longer.
I feel the same way. ChaDeMo was just a published protocol that was open. Anyone can download the tech documents for it and create a charging station if they really wanted to (over simplifies the complexity, yes I know).
For reasons we all know ($$$), no one else wanted to work with it. Then countries and other auto-makers were suffering from a case of "not invented here" syndrome and wanted to do the same thing, but just different enough not to be compatible with anything else (CCS). To top it off, Tesla had probably the best idea of them both (use the same plug for AC and DC) with the best plug in type for high power charging but didn't open it to anyone else until 2022. So basically we had 3 different types and ways to do the same thing, feed DC power directly to the battery. :roll:

Now here we are in 2023. I hold no allegiance to ChaDeMo, but it has served me well for over a decade now since I got my first Leaf in 2013. I will actually be glad if all EVs are using "one" QC plug type and I would rather see some conversion kits for existing Leaf to use NACS instead of trying to create some Frankenstein like device to convert the two of them in an adapter. Would need to hire Dala out for that one I believe. ;)
BillAinCT said:
That was very cool! Changing the CHAdeMO connector to a CCS combo connector would be a less expensive solution. ...

Yes, possibly less expensive.

But the advantage the prototype he demonstrated has is that you can convert a CHAdeMO vehicle to be compatible with both CHAdeMO & CCS. 😁