Labor Cost (Not including Battery) to Swap a LEAF Pack & Upgrade 24-40kWh

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Oct 30, 2017
Any one pay for this. If so what was labor. The 40kWh pack (used, rebuilt, aftermarket) is a factor. I am really interested in sourcing my own pack. However a turn key solution is in table.

DIY - Youtube has several videos. The big deal (pun intended) is the weight of the pack. New cable or modify then existing one The big question mark for me is the REFLASHING the Control unit.... What software is needed for that?

The other thought is do nothing, drive this LEAF until it has no utility and get another car.

Or, sell it now, with some incentives on used EV's. A 2020 LEAF with 40kWh, may be the way to go, and sell the 2015 LEAF SV (SOH 75%).... It is enough for what I need except for one round trip of 68 miles. I can do it summer (if I take the back road highway not freeway). Winter sketchy. I can charge LEVEL 1 at destination. I have another car so this is not a big deal. But why deal with this if I can correct it now rather than later. The bummer with new LEAF's is they still use CHAdeMO which is on the way out. As far as CCS to CHAdeMO I don't know of any.... CHAdeMO to CCS they have.