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Apparently the problem is getting Visas for their engineers to come to the US to do that work. My understanding is that the adapters work with some but not all charging networks and hardware in North America (CCS1). They are sending firmware updates as they identify what quirks of the different charging hardware is causing incompatibility. Follow nomadic hippie for updates. Dala is using the CCS2 adapter which was released first and which probably got more hands-on testing in Europe by the manufacturer before release.
That sort of makes sense. It’s gotten a lot harder to get a U.S visa on a Chinese passport since the industrial espionage stuff that happened. Also apparently there is an issue with workers overstaying their visas and becoming illegal immigrants. It makes things complicated.
Might be easier in Canada. They have a similar but not identical charging network.
I forget. Is this a good thread to talk about sites where CHAdeMO is being removed or pared down?

at 2:40 mentions that out of the 4 DC FCs, there's only 1 CHAdeMO plug there. I'm guessing 3 CHAdeMO plugs have been replaced by NACS/J3400.

At, I pointed to an EA site in California that had 1 CHAdeMO plug but now has 0.