LeafSpy compatible adapters (known working) Updated 14-03-2022

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This is a list that I hope to keep growing of known working OBD adapters that are confirmed in some way shape or form to be working with LeafSpy as of 14/03/2022 (March 14, 2022), so if you have an adapter that you use with LeafSpy that works for you that is not listed PLEASE share it with me (just post below the name of the adapter and a link where to get if you can) so I can add it to this growing list! Please note as with ANY technology driven thing this list is a living list and max change/update with out much warning beyond this warning, so keep checking back as we work to keep adding adapters to the list!

Units confirmed working (thanks to all who contribute)

LeLinkLE Bluetooth https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00QJRYMFC/?tag=myelecarfor-20& (Confirmed by OldManCan and LeafSpy)
auto off: Yes (in App configurable?)

LELink^2 https://www.amazon.com/LELink-Confi...&pd_rd_wg=JBHka&ref_=pd_gw_ci_mcx_mr_hp_atf_m (Confirmed by my self)
Auto off: Yes (in App configurable?)

Konnwei KW902 ELM327 (need link)
Auto off: ?

BAFX OBDII Bluetooth reader. (https://bafxpro.com/products/obdreader)
Auto Off: ?

Vgate iCar Pro Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) (Need correct link)

Units that do NOT work currently
OBDLink MX (confirmed by my self)
OBDLink MX+ (confirmed by my self)

Misc Info that can help:
Here's a great explanation about which ELM327 adapters work: (http://www.carscanner.info/choosing-obdii-adapter/)

I first bought the LELink^2 and just could not get it to work on my Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro so then bought the VeePeak VP11. At first I got the same problems. Then I realised it might be due to the phone being connected so the following is my review of these adaptors:

Both OBDII adaptors work perfectly with a Leaf 2019. However there are some issues with setup and this is to let you know how to avoid them. If you have your phone linked to the car for hands free then the adaptor will probably not link regardless of settings in LeafSpy. By trial and lots of error I finally found the following:

1. First completely remove your phone from the car Bluetooth. This means disabling the Bluetooth link.

2. Then set up the adaptor with LeafSpy. The LELink^2 will need no pairing - just select 4.x LE option. The VeePeak VP11 will first need to be paired with your phone using its Bluetooth settings and will then link up within LeafSpy using the standard Bluetooth pairing option and selecting the adaptor.

3. Now you can add back in your phone to the car's hands free link BUT you will need to tell the car to accept 2 phones as it will not be able to link using the normal Bluetooth channel as that will have been taken by the adaptor!

This works perfectly with both the LELink^2 using the Bluetooth 4.x LE setting. It also works perfectly with VeePeak VP11 using the Bluetooth pairing method.