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Feb 9, 2024
Kid turned sixteen this month so figured an electric car with 50 miles of range would keep me from worrying, plus not having the extra fuel bill. We got a Ford Lightning last year and liked it so much we sold all our diesel rigs and got my wife a nissan ariya last summer. Grizzl-e charger in the garage. Extension cord to the street for the kid's leaf. We save about $400/month in fuel, offset by about $100/month increased power bill.

The leaf is in beautiful condition, but only 53% SoH per LeafSpyPro. $3500 after 30% discount which seems high but no other options where we live in rural Oregon. Was able to tow it home 120 miles with the Lightning.

Interested in upgrading to a 40kwh battery eventually, but this gets him to school, work, and grandma's just fine. Happy to have found a helpful community of leaf owners!


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Even better, if they get stranded somewhere with no charge, you can bring the lightning out with a portable EVSE to charge it back up. :cool: