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Dec 24, 2013
Atlanta, GA
I am now a proud owner of a Nissan Leaf! I never thought I would own an electric car, lease a car, or buy a new car. With all that said I drove off the lot today and here is my story. My wife and I are expecting our first child in January. I currently drive a 2008 BMW 335i coupe while she drives a 2004 Subaru Impreza wagon. The plan was I was going to trade/sell my BMW as we needed 4 doors and she was going to get a used X3/RDX/XC60/Q5 crossover while I would drive her Subaru for a few years. We started test driving some cars this week but had not settled on anything yet.

I had heard about the Leaf deals but had never considered it until this week. My thinking was I would rather drive the Leaf than the Impreza and if the state of Georgia is willing to basically pay me for the privilege I said to my wife let's do it! I tried to figure out how to get VPP but my company does not qualify. I have lots of friends who work at companies on the list but I did not feel comfortable asking them to co-sign as I know what my response would be if somebody asked me.

After seeing positive comments on Autonation Nissan in Lithia Springs my wife and I headed that way as it is only 6 miles from us. When we got there this morning they had a lot of Leafs on the lot even though they said they sold 13 just yesterday! We found a base S with the charger package in black and took it for a quick test drive. I was VERY impressed and was immediately sold! I had never driven an electric car but I loved how smooth it was.

I knew that people were getting $259 (non VPP) without the charger package so that was my target. First offer was $279 with no charger package and $279 down. I decided that I wanted the quick charger so they came back with $279 with charger and $279 down, third and final offer was $279 with charger and $0 down. I now see that it looks like some got $275/$0 so nice job on that! We then decided to have them appraise the Impreza for a trade and they gave me $3,500 which was a good offer for a 10 year old Subaru. So that brought my total lease payment down to $131 a month! Factor in the $150 a month I currently spend on gas and the math looks like: $6,696 payments + $395 turn in fee - $5000 GA tax credit - ~$2,400 in gas savings = $-391. Not as good as VPP but still a nice deal!

If you're on the fence about the quick charger we drove to a friend's house in Marietta tonight and stopped at the supercharger at Marietta Nissan on Cobb Parkway. This thing is awesome! We charged from 20% to 80% in 20 minutes. As they install more of these the convenience of doing this is a huge plus. They have them close to 75/400/85 so traveling north you should be able extend the range using these stops.

For at home charging I am going to use the trickle charger for a few weeks and see how I do. My commute is 35 miles round trip to Buckhead so I think I should be good. I also have a bunch of L2's around work that I could stop in at lunch if I needed some extra juice to get me home.

If you are interested in buying one PM me first and I can refer you to the dealer and we can split the $150 referral bonus :)

Congrats you will enjoy this car. 35 mile commute round trip should be doable pretty easy with trickle charge but I guarantee you that eventually you'll want to upgrade to a faster charge. You did good by getting the charger pack. That 6.6 opens up so many opportunities. You'll want to drive it as much as possible trust me. I drove it 350 miles from Omaha, Nebraska to Jefferson City, Missouri. That 6.6 charger makes trips like this possible. Dead to full in 3.5 hours on level 2!

I'd also suggest you get leafspy app as well. It helps you track the battery, tells you exact time pressure in each tire, and helps you better manage how far you can go accurately. Stay in touch with all of us here as well. Everyone on here has and is learning more and more everyday about this car.