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Mar 2, 2024
I got this about 20 months ago—private sale in DC. I talked them down from $15k to $9 when I showed them the bars, vs low miles.

I’m now at 65k miles—still under warranty. I get about 70 miles on a charge, and I charge for free, exclusively at the library! My goal now is to get the battery replaced.

The car works well in the city—I work from home so I’m mostly running errands, hitting the gym, etc. The longest trip I take is to the BWI airport, lol.

I plan to drive this until it falls apart, then upgrade to the Ariya.

Winter-wise, I think I turned the heat on 2x over 2 winters. This summer I’ll invest in a metallic sunshield. I love the seat heaters & steering wheel heater. My only real complaint is that the navigation system was phased out, so I can’t use Apple Car Play.


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