News about Juicebox. Posting here to make sure folks are aware....

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Apr 8, 2012
Kansas City, Missouri
I could have put this in the EVSE forum, but people tend to go there only AFTER there is a problem. This is my sort of public service announcement. Having been a very satisfied Juicebox user for 8 years or so, it pains me to be going through this.

1) If you have an old metal box, three light Juicebox pro and it starts to have trouble charging, unplug it and STOP. Do NOT follow internet advice to "tap on the box" as you might have a sticky relay. You most certainly DO have a sticky relay that is burning itself up. Your Juicebox *might* be salvageable. It might need a new relay, maybe just the contacts tightened up or fixed. But in any case "taping on the box" will just get a fully burned up unit, eventually. If you are handy, you can open up the box and look for damage (its no longer under warranty and Enel-X could not care less about you (see next)) so don't be scared at breaking the seal. Unplugged or breaker off of course. If you are NOT handy, then post up in the EVSE forum and I suspect a good Samaritan will help you.

2) Juicebox has changed hands again. EV Juicenet app which allowed me to charge my Leaf to 80% is no more. If you still have access to that app, I wish you the best. I would not talk to or even whisper this to Enel -X. They are switching JUicebox Pro units over to different server and app -- Enel X Way. The new app is WORTHLESS. It loses the ability to charge to 80% (or whatever you desire). It also lacks the ability to transfer ownership. So a used Juicebox Pro is a dumb charger to all subsequent buyers. And Enel X support is unable/unwilling to do ANYTHING to rectify any of this.

--Don't buy a Juicebox used or new.
-- If yours is acting flaky, research on the internet, but don't talk to Enel-X. You are on your own.
I have a Juicebox pro with a black cylindrical(like 1/3 of a tube) AU case. It has a tiny wireless remote to make adjustments. The display is a small color dot matrix type, maybe 1"X1"? I haven't really used it in years as I have lots more portable lighter EVSEs but last time I used it, it worked fine. I purchased mine new pre-built from JB, something that was available back in the day but I believe most people purchasing JB would assemble them, themselves. JB has changed over the years, at first I believe they were not quite build to code, things like putting a 30a plug on a charger that would go to 50a or in my case a 50a plug with 10g! on an EVSE that would go to 60a! but as my Leaf topped out at 27.5a it didn't affect me. Sounds like your JB has the same name but not the same design as mine.