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as said in this thread, one further step after leak down test, is to fill the battery of nitrogen to dry out. Some rough calculation give me that:
1) a leaf battery case is not more than 0.45m3 (probably would be something like 0.2 or much more less because filled of battery modules)
2) a liter of liquid nitrogen (commonly used in refrigeration world from 1l bottle for 20/30€) is 0.69m3
=> would be necessary at least 1 entire 1l nitrogen bottle to do 2 or 3 of nitrogen refill. Is it enough to have a decent dry out?
opinion @TronJockey ?
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I did the test slightly more than 24h after added A LOT of sika 221 (two tubes also because a lot of previous sealant was removed). The test was successful :) e.g. gave the same leak as before opening the pack.
Other person professionally building water proof boxes and using sikaflex product , do the test after 48h but they test from 1 to 10 atm.