Quick Charging fails - DTC code - B2820 0028

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I just found this thread, after starting a new similar thread. I definitely do have a marginal 12v battery, the original one from 2014. I'll try tomorrow at another charger, with and without using a 12v jump pack to support the battery.
GerryAZ said:
I just had this failure to charge at a Blink DCQC. I tried both sides, reset DTC codes with Leaf Spy, talked to Blink customer service representative and tried resetting the Blink by cycling the power using the emergency stop switch, tried several more times, and finally gave up. The representative found a couple of L2 public chargers near by and initiated a trouble report for the QC. The amber EV system warning light was on when I drove to the L2 station on my way home because I did not reset the DTCs after the last QC attempt. The car would not charge at the Blink L2 station so I had to unplug the cable to stop the session. I cleared the DTCs with Leaf Spy and then was able to start a charging session normally. I would have been calling a tow truck if I did not have the capability to clear DTCs with Leaf Spy Pro. It appears that there were communication errors between the car and the QC unit that caused the QC sessions to terminate and also set enough error codes in the car to prevent normal L2 charging.

Edited to add: There is no apparent damage to the QC port on the car and the 12-volt battery is fine.

Edited again to add DTC codes which prevented charging:
B2802 2308 CHARGER Q/CHG Isolation Sig Err VC-56
B2820 0008 CHARGER Quick Charger VC-63
P3171 000A EV/HEV PD Module System EVC-241
P3170 000B EV/HEV PD Module System EVC-241
P316C 000B EV/HEV PD Module System EVC-238

Your 12V battery may appear fine, mine did, it has a visual indicator, but the condition of your terminals can affect your battery's performance.

An easy first step in finding/fixing any problems with charging or the CAN bus(as indicated by LEAF Spy Pro), is cleaning your battery terminals. I used WD40 and nylon scouring pads.

After cleaning, LEAF Spy reported 14.42V vs 12.96V before cleaning, and all my DTC codes cleared after multiple deletes and re-readings. I cleared only those that threw errors.

In summary, it could be your batter or just your battery terminals. Hope this helps some folks. This forum sure helped me.
This is a first post resurrecting my post from 2016. I can say for certain that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the 12V battery or system in my car at the time. The communication errors between the car and the DCQC unit were the sole cause of failure to charge on L2. Clearing the codes allowed the car to charge normally.

It is true that a weak 12V battery or loose connections can cause CAN Bus communication errors and create many trouble codes, but that was not the case at that time.