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Oct 30, 2017
I replaced my tires about 1.5 years ago Fullway brand. I got a right rear flat while shopping yesterday. I drove out parking lot to street to stop.light. i knew something was off. J jump out and ran around to see the issue. Light green jump back in, latterly drove 2 blocks slowly to Gateway Tires. They are well known brand in area and have good reputation in my past dealings, at other stores.

I had parked in front of service bay. Sales counter guy put air in. The Tech drove it into bay. Yeah!

Tire is off rim and they say I need new tire due to rubber chunks. Doha!!! They have new tire to sell me $109. 😒 (I bought full set on line $270.)

The screw was right in middle of Tread. Repairable. I asked to see the chunks or dust. THERE WAS RUBBER DUST OR SHAVINGS. I would say 1 or 2 mounded table spoons.

I declined new tire and they agree to patch. $27. They dud not protest.

I don't blame them for trying to sell me a tire. I do know tire stores won't budge on some repairs because they're just not possible or safe, like sidewall damage. But this rubber dust thing I've never heard of.

I have two twelve volt air pumps. Neither were in the car. I now carry them In my cars vs sitting on shelf at house.

>What do you all think is the rubber dust a big deal?

>Is it possible they sprinkled rubber dust in there to try and sell me tire?
I assume that Fullway is a Chinese brand. Unlike national/international brand tires that are made in Chinese factories owned by those brands, Chinese brand tires are made as cheaply as possible. I think it's more likely that the tires are degrading rapidly.
LeftieBiker said:
I assume that Fullway is a Chinese brand. Unlike national/international brand tires that are made in Chinese factories owned by those brands, Chinese brand tires are made as cheaply as possible. I think it's more likely that the tires are degrading rapidly.
Well I hear you but A LOT of tires are made in China, Korea, Vietnam.... Also they are only one year old, bought in April 2022 with about 3,000 miles. I have no need to defend them but I am very happy with them and the dust was due to running flat... I don't think name brand tires are immune from this.

Fullway has very good ratings. and the HP108 in particular is very well rated. I paid $312 with tax (free shipping), plus local installation and balance. Good looking and frankly better than the stock tires. I had 2 Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 and 2 Other brand tires, forgot brand. I bought my 2015 in 2017 used. I was not impressed with the tires (which at this point had 3/32" to 1/8" tread). The Fullway is much better for handing, wet traction, looks.

Back to the rubber shaving/dust? Driving on a flat causes rubbing of sidewall on itself and on rim, causing the dust/shaving. The consensus is a little is probably OK, but handfuls nope. I saw it and it was minor. If this was my VW TDI (diesel) I take on long trips I would replace. But the LEAF is for running around local for errands. Drive flat for miles, yep tire is toast. I may end up replacing it, but for now I am driving on it.

WITH THAT SAID....I have no spare (as you know) and the Emergency Tire repair kit (can of sealant and pump) that came with car was missing when I bought it. So I am going to get my tire patch kit together. I have all the stuff, rope plugs, reamer, plug install tool, cement, 12v air pump. I just need to put it in the car. I am not a fan of FIX-A-FLAT in a can. I forgot LEAF has no spare. I have lived a charmed life and this is the first flat I had in decades. I never drove on a flat before. And I will never do it again. Ha ha.
LeftieBiker said:
How far did you run it flat? I hear what you're saying about the car being for local use, but still...
What is done is done. We know know the rubber in tire was from driving it flat. Tire is patched. I drove on it last 2 days no issues. DO I TRUST IT. Under consideration. The "local" comment means it is easier to deal with a flat 10 miles from house than than 1000 miles. So on my VW I have spare, jack, lug wrench..... However a flat tire is a flat tire regardless.

I'm conservative and picky when it comes to technical issues and maintenance (mechanical engineer, commercial pilot). I am geared to have everything working and within limits. However I was born with a "frugal" gene. It does not mean I won't spend money. I will spend a lot of money. I just won't waste or spend if I don't have to, aka value vs need vs necessity vs joy. DO I NEED A NEW TIRE? Is a patched tire bumming me out? Not really. Do I lose sleep over it. No. Will it blow out on the freeway and cause me to lose control, flip and die a horrible death? I doubt it.... BTW I avoid freeway in the LEAF, don't have to use it. But on occasion I drive on interstate. I hate it regardless of what car I drive because people SPEED like idiots... police do nothing.

12 city blocks is approximately 3,960 feet (or 0.75 miles) according to Google. Map says I went 0.4 miles So about 6 city blocks. or 2112 feet, or 7 football fields. When I use the "measure distance" tool I get 2290 feet, or 0.43 miles. More than I thought. But 5 feet is too much.

At this point driving it is academic. The rubber shavings seemed minimal but noticeable. I KNOW it is a NO NO to drive on a flat. I didi. However I was in the middle of the road. I could have U turned back to parking lot and stopped. I could always do a WALK AROUND before driving my car (not a bad idea). KEEP IN MIND... at the time I had no patch kit, no spare, no jack, no lug wrench.... I have corrected all that. I now have reamer, plug tool, rope plugs, cement, air compressor. We are good to go,.

* If I get a new tire, which at this time is not likely, then I'd consider buying a plan steel rim, mount patched tire on it. I have spare scissor jack & lug wench. Down side? It takes up cargo space and adds weight to car. So at this point the patch kit and electric air compressor are in play.