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My 2023 SV plus is now 92.9 SOH at 12160 miles. I’ve only done 6 QCs. The rest were all level 2s. It is garaged all of the time. Is my leaf degrading too fast?
I looked back at my records, at 13,000 miles My car was at 91.4% SOH...I would say you are normal. At 11,600 It was 92.25%
I have a 2023 leaf at 95% SOH at 16 mV. It does seem like it’s a little fast from storing it in the garage like you say and only level two chargers with only six QCs. It seems like it should be a bit higher and process I start it is my level two charger at my garage can takeA 20 up to a 50 amp breaker. I went with the lowest breaker I could. And I also do random trickle charges. Not sure if these help or have helped butIt seems to be working. Cheers
We had a 2020 LEAF SV with the standard 40kWh battery. At 10,400 miles, we were down to 93.08 SOH. We had a slow L2 -16 amp charger at Home that added exactly 10% battery capacity per hour of charging. We feel our LEAF's battery was compromised in Chehalis Washington. The Chademo Charger was updated to I believe 150 kWh. We plugged in the Car and got some things at Walmart. Came back around 15 minutes later and the whole inside of our LEAF smelled horrible. I had a Lithium Ion battery blow up in a Ryobi 18 volt battery pack and the smell was the same. I looked at the battery temperature gauge and it was into the Red. I believe in the 2 years we leased it, we did 17 Quick Charges and never over 70%. We didn't keep the LEAF after the lease as we felt the batteries were wounded. Bought out the lease and sold it to a Dealer Group.
I think, and others' data backs this up, that QC's on a 62kWh battery do not cause a noticeable degradation in SOH. I have done 24QCs with 4 at 70+kW (but only once per long drive). At ~19,000 miles my 2022 (Oct 21 build) just dropped under 95% at my most recent reading. @Rudynfld if your 2023 has 18000 or more miles on it the 95% SOH is probably where I'd expect it. If you have 9-12k miles I would say that's faster than I've seen posted on this forum for a 62kWh battery.
Pretty good drop from last time I checked Leafspy previous SOH at 33,664 miles 89.74%, this time at 36,849 miles 87.91%

As a reminder...The cells with the low voltage are from a module replacement at 21,000 miles, the cells balance at the bottom of the SOC level now. GOM acts normal and range is still normal...pressing on and waiting for a bar to drop on the battery capacity.

Also, before I get dinged on the full charge below...that was the first full charge in 1,400 miles, and yes I drove it right away and needed the range :)


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Recorded on the two year anniversary of the car's build (March 2022). Right around the 94% SOH mark.

Did get the PDU replaced around 7 months of age after burning it up on a bad EVGo station.
Hello Guys,
I have purchased my Leaf 60 kW (or 62 kw) Accenta version here in Europe, Hungary. I have just around 2200 km on my ODO, and SOH is 98.71%. Hx is around 85% measured at 100% SOC (first 100% charge with my charger). I try to follow 75% SOC usually each day, with a DOD of around 30-40% for daily 110-120 km trips, with some occasional longer distances. I charge with L2 charger at 220V, 10 amps.
Does anyone have information about the chemistry changes made in the 2023 edition, since I have read something about that. I know that the chemistry is NMC532, but not sure whether the anode is natural graphite (NG) or artificial graphite (AG), the latter being much better in terms of longevity. I am asking this since as far as I know Nissan authorized vehicle-to-grid mode without loosing the warranty, so this is why I suspect some chemistry change (but may be wrong).
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