Is the CCS to CHADEMO adapter legitimate?

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Its been examined by the great Dala, who is like a God.
Dala is certainly impressive and experienced, so his say so carries a lot of weight. I'm heartened by the fact that he appears to be testing it fairly thoroughly, providing feedback, which likely will be heeded, to the manufacturer.

But I don't think he has (yet) examined it in great detail, checking part numbers and specifications, i.e. a proper design review.
I would buy one myself, but it's a big money gamble. I'm sure I could return it for a refund or fight with my credit card company about it, but I would rather see a video review of one being used on a CCS-1 here in the USA at a Nissan/EA/Evgo/etc station first before I would take the plunge as it would help with my frequent road-trips I already do in my Leaf. I did notice it's limited to 62.5 kW, but it's not often I find 100 kW ChaDeMo stations anyway, so if anything, less heat generated. 🤣

But, I guess we could get enough trusted members here to pool money together to test it, maybe mail it back and forth to each other to see how it works in different regions around the country?
62.5kW is adequate. On its best day, a 62kWh Leaf doesn't pull 80kW.

AFAIK, Nissan has never told us the max charging speed of the 62kWh Leaf. They just say vague things like "charges in 45 minutes at a 100kW charger". Highest I've ever pulled was 78kW.
Back when I did some QC vs QC test, 80 kW was the max due to the station itself. The bottom of the first page is where I was trying this as Nissan HQ.
The battery has to be under 50% SOC to reach that power level. The QC station itself (until the air filters were changed out later) would actually over-heat and shutdown when doing its 80 kW max, lol.

I don't know if LeafSpy has been updated since then, but the chart always stopped at 80 kW and never got higher if you exceeded that. 🤨
How do I know? The max I've even gotten at a ChaDeMo QC stations was 99 kW at a specialized ChargePoint station in Nashville. I took a picture with my phone of the dash and did some LeafSpy screenshots, even though it wasn't on my list of "stations" to test, just one I was using one day to get enough power to drive home. It was also a "free" station, even more rare. I had to read the back of the station because I wanted to know how much power was being fed in. It was a dual ChaDeMo / CCS QC station to boot. It was a 150 kW station for CCS but it seems it was wired up to be able to dump that into ChaDeMo as well. The ChaDeMo cable/connector looked identical to the one at Nissan HQ, but I don't know it that mattered or not.

I didn't get a chance to do a proper data record so that's why I only had some pictures and screenshots, nothing good like what SOC I started at exactly, battery temperature, etc. I didn't even notice until probably a few minutes into the charge session when I was looking at the power readout on the QC station and saw the 99 number. I laughed and thought the station was glitching out, no way it was doing that much power, but I switched my dash on the Leaf over to the power section and saw the "99" number and my jaw probably dropped to the floor, haha. :eek:

If I can dig up those photos and screenshots I'll post them here, but when Nissan said it can do 100 kW ChaDeMo, I believe it. Finding a station that can handle this is another story...:unsure:
Does anyone know if the promoters of this are legitimate?

I was in the Nissan leaf forum on Reddit, and I came across this post.

This company is claiming to have a ccs to CHADEMO adapter.

Here is a link to the Reddit post.
The YouTube video promoting this is here.

I am not sending the link to the actual product, because I don't know if it is legitimate.

Definitely legit and Dala is THE aftermarket goto for anything LEAF
CCS has more than one format and what you see doesn't apply to the CCS format used in the US.
I am sure that is coming but wonder how useful it will be. Chademo is not only dead but is growing.
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I so hope someone in Denmark will buy a few of these and start renting them out. At 1000+US$ it simply isn't worth it for me... But I would love to have one, for the rare occasions.
A rental or lease program is a good idea. That could absorb the costs needed to produce a safe and listed product. How many times a year would someone who already has a Leaf really want to use one of these? Even better if Tesla would make, certify and lease some NAC to Chademo units. Yeah, I live in a dream world.
Thank you for the video woth additional tests. Anyone bold enough to order the ccs1 adapter?
I'm tempted for test reasons, but afterwards it will just collect dust. I wouldn't mind mailing it to other members so they could test QC stations in their area, but I would hate for it to never return if I did that. 🥺