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Aug 15, 2023
Hello all,

I just joined this group, lots of great info. I bought a used 2020 Leaf SV Plus last week, 10,800 miles only. So far I love the vehicle, but I do have one issue that's perplexing me: when making calls with iPhone 13 via Apple CarPlay, there's so much static noise that I can't understand the other end. It's essentially unusable.

I found several posts on various sites of Leaf owners with the same issue. Has anyone dealt with this issue as well? I imagine there must be a fix, considering how many posts I found; however, none of the other posts I found proposed a fix for the problem.

Thanks for the site, I'm enjoying the learning process.


Maybe per it's NTB22-058? I found NTB22-058B seems like a newer rev but still vague:
Thanks for the help...took it to the dealer who swapped out the infotainment system. He told me this is a known problem that hasn't been resolved. Based on historical complaints going back a long time (online posts), the problem has affected many other owners, but not all.

Thanks again.