Nissan Leaf Coilover vs Spring/Damper Review

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Oct 27, 2019
It looks like there a few options available now for the Gen 1 Leaf. I'm looking for long term feedback from anyone who has installed any coilovers or lowering springs + dampers:

1. What did you install? (Megan, BC, Blitz, Tein...etc)
2. How many miles does your setup have?
3. Initial impressions?
4. Long term update--are the dampers still effective?

I installed a set of Tein H-techs, 50k miles ago from Japan through Nengun. I left the oem dampers on and they are now junk (for obvious reasons). I'd love some of your feedback to help myself (and presumably others in my situation) with selecting new kit. Ideally i'd love to just keep the H-techs and install some koni single adjustables but they're not available for the Leaf. Are there aftermarket options available for dampers only so I can re-use my H-techs or are my only options are to either go back to stock or purchase coilovers?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.