What should I know about 2023 SV+ vs older models?

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Apr 25, 2013
Portland, ME area
Hi all. Recently added a 2023 SV+ to our fleet. I also have a 2015 SV. I mostly upgraded for increased range capacity. I seemed to notice there are a lot of tech upgrades for not hitting stuff in the 2023 :). With the increased range, I also just ordered a level 2 EVSE, because a 120 isn't going to cut it.

Other than that, what should I know? Anything you love, hate, wished you'd realized earlier?
Welcome. Coming from a 2018 SL (and a 2013 SV with Premium before that), I was somewhat disappointed in the '21 I leased. I knew that you are interested more in the '23, but many of the changes implemented in '21 are still in effect in the '23. Like a remapped accelerator pedal response that feels downright sluggish at lower speeds when in Eco mode, compared to a slightly de-tuned, but still fun, Normal mode as well. The brakes are also a disappointment: when driving the '21 home for the first time, I really thought that the brake pads had gotten glazed. Alas, no: the '21 and on Leafs have weak feeling brakes. I have no idea why...
I never cared for Eco mode, even in the 2015. I always used B. I didn't mind the sluggish braking for regen, but the sluggish accelerator took the fun out of driving an electric, lol.

I noticed this car actually comes with a 240v EVSE.
For the 240v: What am I supposed to install for an outlet? I was just going to buy a charger, since I have two cars anyway. If I only add the plug can I charge my 2015 with the 2023 as a level 2?

On the website it is described as 120v/240v. Does that mean I can trickle charge with it? I only ask because my husband's work only has a 120 exterior plug. Alternatively, can I use the trickle charge ESVE from my 2015?
You will need a 14-50 outlet on a minimum 40a circuit but better for flexibility to just do a 50a.
Yes the '23 EVSE will work on any vehicle with a J1772 connector like Leafs have.
Yes you can also trickle charge with the new EVSE if plugged into a normal good quality 15 or 20a 120v circuit, it has a plug adapter included for this purpose.
Depending on the built-in charger on your '15 you may only get about half the full charging speed(L2) on your '15 compared to your '23, someone else may know that year better than me.
I went from a 2012 to a 2023. I certainly enjoy the extended range. The 2012 had obviously dropped a lot from when new. I don’t like and have turned off the vibration warning when I drive over a pothole repair. The heater is a big improvement, too. Of course, I am coming out of “the dark ages”.
Yes the heater got a lot better after Y2011, 2012, a lot quicker to heat and not as much of an energy hog. Of course the heatpump Leafs were even better for vehicles equipped and in temps warmer than the low to mid teens(F).
my 2013 leaf had license plate screws that were metric machine screws. dealer put oversize (dia) and not long enough lag screws on my new 2023 Nissan LEAF SV Plus. what is the correct screw? i called a different dealer and they don't have a specific screw listed - not sure what that means.