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Oct 15, 2010
Davenport , FL
Imitation wood dash kits are available from CarID for $187. http://www.carid.com/2012-nissan-leaf-wood-grain-dash-kits/item-312871.html

Has anyone installed them? Do you have pictures?

Anyone know of an alternate source?
Real Platinum Burl Full Dash kit on on order :D

Update -- Shipping 11/17 they say. This kit will take some patients to install, it doesn't look easy.
This is just my opinion, but I can't really picture any of these kits on a LEAF dash. To me, the shapes and textures of the basic dash don't really lend themselves to blending well with these appliques. It doesn't help that there are no pictures on the site of an actual LEAF with one of the kits applied. I'm very curious to see the pictures when someone actually does this.
JohnnySebring said:
I'm trying to picture the exterior kit in my mind... Woody trim?? Not sure yet.

Agreed - woody trim, no. However the carbon fiber trim might be pretty hot looking. I'd love to see it in a real Leaf.

There are some exterior trim kits for various vehicles that feature carbon fiber too - it could look nice both inside and out if done and fitted well.
I ordered 2 sample kits at $5 each including shipping. Each kit has 4 samples of your choice. I have been driving around with the 1st kit in the car to see the effects of different lighting and think I have a winner (that my wife also agrees on). I ordered the second kit just to confirm that the one I am choosing is right for us. I am doing this for sure and will post pictures when it is done. I am going for wood tones to soften the interior look and also to cover the shiny black which is already showing the inevitable micro scratches.

It is hard to find the sample kits on their site so here is the link: http://www.carid.com/wood-grain-dash-samples/item-36438.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
electricfuture said:
Did you get your kit? Is it installed? Pics?

I should have it later today (Seattle, WA, United States 11/22/2011 12:12 A.M. Arrival Scan)

Signature required so I'll be working from home, not much working once it arrives I'm sure! :D
Beautifully done! So the kit does not cover the entire shift console?
Looks like I might have to order the blue appliqué as it won't show scratches nearly as much as the shiny black.

I'll put my pics up when I am done.
I received the second set of 4 samples I requested. I highly recommend getting the samples before choosing a wood as they vary greatly from the on line photos and even their brochure - not to mention it is the only way to compare them in natural light inside your vehicle. The real woods look better in general in my opinion.

Weight addition? Maybe a few ounces - less than a tall coffee for sure.

I wonder if I loose an echo tree if I use the real wood dash kit! :D
I decided on Real Medium Burl Wood (RMBW) and installed it last night. The darker wood fits well with my custom installed leather seats.

Are these all flat stick-ons?

Is Real-wood just vinyl that resembles real wood?

Can you describe what you got, and the application process?

Is there any cutting involved?

Hi Gary. These are all flat stick ons which are surprisingly flexible for wood; they have 3M adhesive on the back. These real wood panels have a glossy finish and there are synthetic imitation woods available which cost less; the real wood costs 30% more than imitation and I got a 10% discount for the holidays so ~$220 (http://www.carid.com/2012-nissan-leaf-wood-grain-dash-kits/item-312871.html
). They sent me precut pieces stuck on to 2 sticky cardboards with alcohol wipes and adhesive primer to help bondage at corners and air vents. There is no cutting involved and application took between 1-2 hours. Application required no special skills or tools - relatively easy.

On a different note - thanks for the NEMA L6-20 to NEMA 5-15 plug - quite useful. Hope to see you again at a San Diego group meeting.